Where can you buy?

Center for Happiness The Art of Living, bc. students’ town

Acad. Stefan Mladenov Str 50

Phone: 0893 533 697

Center for Happiness The Art of Living, bc. Mladost 4

Business Park, building 12

Phone: 0893 357 534

Organic Green

Georgi Sava Rakovski Str 140

Phone: 0893 533 694

Organic Green

ul. “Lavele” 20-22

Shankara Bulgaria

Address: 51, Andrei Lyapchev Boulevard, Sofia 1700, Bulgaria

Phone: +359 89 5507447
Email:  shop@ayurvedabio.com

About us

“Shankara Bulgaria EOOD “deals with the import, distribution, sale and export of herbal nutritional supplements, ayurvedic herbal cosmetics and other different BI products Sudanka is one of our main brands Shankara Bulgaria is part of the international company Shankara Europe Holding BV “based in Germany, as part of the proceeds are donated to the social projects of the Foundation” The Art of Living“.